#What is Mapping BTR?

Mapping BTR is a research project developed by European Alternatives and funded by Nesta. The project aimed at exploring how data driven methods can be deployed to automatically identify UK-based Below the Radar' (BTR) organisations in crowdfunding platforms.

co-link analysis Network of crowdfunding projects Map of crowdfunding projects


Deploys Co-link analysis
to identify thematically
related projects based
on common backers.

Network of projects

Interactive visualisation
showing the connections
between crowdfunding

Projects on a Uk map

Click on any project on the
map to get the distribution
of the money pledged by
its backers

- Why?

BTR organisations are those small voluntary organisations, community groups and more informal or semi-formal activities in the third sector that are not represented in official registers, such as the Register of Charities by the Charity Commission. As this voluntary activity is off the regulatory radar, its potential to shape and influence relevant policies remains underdeveloped.

Furthermore, the two crowdfunding platforms selected, Crowdfunder and Spacehive, constitute a rich data source of UK BTR activity insofar they enable BTR organisations in this country to gather the financial resources needed to carry out their projects.

- How?

The designed methodology was developed into an application prototype that crawls those platforms and captures crowdfunding projects run by BTR organisations.

Within the framework of this project, the application was run to collect data from both platforms. The resulting data were used to created different visualisations and conduct two case studies aimed at exploring what insights can be drawn from the analysis of BTR activity on crowdfunding platforms and to evaluate the methods deployed.

All the project components above described can be accessed through the different sections on this website. Enjoy the trip!