Nesta has released several publications to publicise this and the other four projects awarded the grant ‘Data Driven Methods for Mapping Below the Radar Activity in the Social Economy’.

#Data for Good

The first of those publications is a report titled ‘Data for Good’, downloadable from the right-hand side of this page. The report brings together the descriptions and main findings of a number of grant-funded projects aimed at exploring two dimensions of how big and open data can be used for the common good. On the one hand, how it can be used by charities to develop better products and services and secondly, how it can help those interested in civil society better understand social action and civil society activity. The five projects under the grant programme mentioned above build upon the second of these dimensions.

#Mappping BTR on Crowdfunding platforms

Moreover, a working paper has been published for each individual project that further describes its methodology, steps followed and findings. The paper for this project, available from the righ-hand side, gathers the contents shown on the different sections of this website.